At SCS, we embrace the mantra, “Where Every Child Really Does Matter.” Life at St. Carmel School revolves around a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, arts, athletics, high standards of ethical awareness, sportsmanship, and community service.

We engage in cleanliness activities, observe Earth-saving week, and conduct annual rallies to raise awareness about Earth and nature conservation. Each year, we organize “Best of Waste” activities, creating working projects from waste materials, such as demonstrating lung expansion and contraction using a waste bottle and balloon for primary classes, and more complex projects for seniors.

Shramdaan is a part of the school curriculum in nearby areas, and regular agricultural field visits help students understand the process of crop cultivation. An annual awareness campaign is conducted in nearby villages to sensitize farmers about the responsible use of fertilizers and pesticides. To reduce pollution, we encourage students from nearby villages to ride bicycles to school. In collaboration with the Pollution Control Board, Punjab, we organized a seminar in 2016 to address individual-level pollution control.

Plantation Day is observed twice a year, once for the Junior wing and once for the Senior wing, to educate future Indians on the importance of trees. Skits and role plays on ozone layer preservation day are performed by students.

The school regularly emphasizes “Clean India, Green India” in assemblies. We engage in activities such as helping the disabled and donating clothes to deaf, dumb, and physically handicapped students each year.

St. Carmel School provides an environment where students can discover and develop their talents fully. The school’s traditions, coupled with a broad curriculum, add depth to each student’s life. An invigorating and competitive atmosphere is created by excellent facilities and guidance from a highly qualified and dedicated faculty.


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At St. Carmel School, students and staff take pride in the maxim – ”LEARNING BY DOING” whether at study or play. We believe in working in a systematic and disciplined manner, respecting each other’s feelings and religious beliefs. At the same time, we firmly believe in being helpful and courteous to everyone. We believe that a nation progresses when it strives for excellence, and individuals progress when they strive for the best in their individual and collective growth, contributing to the growth of our nation, the world, and mankind. St. Carmel School emphasizes the holistic growth of each individual and strives to provide a platform for its students to excel in today’s competitive world.


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