Reading Tips

IELTS Reading Module made simpler

Mostly 3-4 reading passages appear in an IELTS examination [Overall, reading passages include 40 questions that need to be answered within an hour].

Time management is the most important aspect for reading section.

Considering 3 passages appear in your IELTS exam, then it is recommended to spread your time in the following manner. Keep some time for revision of your answers or

First passage: – 17 min

Second passage: – 17 min

Third passage: – 20 min

Last six minutes can be used for re-checking your answers or for completing any unanswered questions

Points to Note:

  • There are sixty min allocated for answering 40 questions in reading module
  • There is no strict way of allocating time across the passages; however with practice you can manage to form a time plan for answering
  • It is required to read the instructions very carefully (at the start of the reading section /before every passage /question)
  • Consider the example first (if given) because it gives information to understand the text to some extent and explains the method of answering
  • The examples also help us understand where to start reading to find the appropriate answers.

Commonly asked questions:

  • True False Not Given/ Yes No Not Given
  • Identify/match proper headings/choosing a title
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple Choice questions
  • Sentence completion
  • Diagram/ Table completion

Methods to Read texts:  There are two important methods for reading section.

Skimming: – To go through the lines at the fast space. You may or may not understand. It helps you to recognize the words or to find the blinkers/ keywords.

Scanning: – To read the collection of words slowly and infuse it’s meaning in your mind.

Don’t read the passage first: – To understand the question better; divide the question into three parts. Keep one main word of each divided part in your mind and locate those words in the text.